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Risk Services Menu

Merit has the resources to “tackle” most of your risk management projects.  Our in-house specialists and affiliated partners bring their talent to your task.  We have included a list of service categories:

  • Risk Management Projects
  • Claims Services
  • Risk Control

Risk Management Projects

  • Insurance Program Audit Design
  • Risk Management Programs Audits
  • Analysis of High Retention Programs
  • Development of Cost Allocation Programs
  • Exposure Identification/Evaluation Surveys
  • Risk Retention Limit Analysis
  • Contract Review/Certificate of Insurance Tracking
  • Preparation of Insurance Policy Inventory
  • Annual Service Planning
  • Property & Liability Self-Insurance Risk Retention Analysis
  • Captive/Risk Retention Group Feasibility Studies

Claims Services

  • Negotiate Claims Handling Instructions
  • Assistance with “Difficult” Claims
  • Claims Auditing of Insurance and Self-Insured Programs
  • Insurance Company/TPA Claims Service Monitoring
  • Review of Claim Reserves
  • Review of Claims to Assure Fair Values
  • Selection of Defense Council
  • Subrogated, Litigated and Rehabilitation Claims Monitoring
  • Structured Settlement Assistance
  • Audit/Evaluation of Internal Claims
  • Design and Implementation of Self-Insured Programs

Risk Control

  • Negotiate Carrier Recommendations
  • Safety Program Audits
  • Property Risk Control Surveys
  • Assistance in Development of Safety Manuals and Procedure
  • Assistance in the Development of Safety/Risk Control Manuals
  • Advice and Counsel on Risk Control Matters
  • Disaster Plan Development/Implementation
  • Specific Project Risk Control
  • Supervisor Risk Control Training
  • Exposure Identification of Evaluation and Risk Control Program Analysis
    • Worker Safety/Health
    • Fleet Risk Control
    • Premises/Product/Service Risk Control
    • Chemical/Environmental Risk Control
    • Third Party Liability Risk Control
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Merit has combined unique niche expertise with several specialty programs to provide a competitive “edge” to our clients in the following industries:
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